Ultra Flare 10k - Tactical Solar Portable Power Bank W/LED Survival Light!
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Never be down and out on battery power! With the Ultra Flare 10k Solar Battery Bank by X-Energy Devices, you'll always be ready for whatever life throws at you! 

Get lightning-fast 2X recharges for your cellphone and other popular devices like flashlights, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and more!

The Ultra Flare 10K gives you a NEW and improved durable, waterproof, and rugged design with an enhanced solar-cell for faster solar recharge times.


        • The Ultra Flare 10K also packs a 400-lumen built-in survival flashlight - which means you can light up the dark if you ever need it when on a camping trip, or even if you're stuck on the road...

        • Compatible with all mainstream digital devices on the market today. Just plug in your USB and start rapid charging, which means you'll have an endless supply of power for your kid when their cell phone dies...

        • Easily recharge your Ultra Flare battery bank by plugging into a normal outlet and into your micro USB port, or simply let your bank absorb the natural sunlight by placing it on a rock, or hooked on to your backpack while traveling in the sunlight...

        • 100% waterproof up to 5 meters for 1 hour - Which means you have no need to worry if you accidentally drop it in the pool or ocean... if it starts to shower while you have it outside charging, no big deal! It's made for this!

        • Made with the highest quality aluminum alloy for extra strength and durability. The smooth ABS impact rubber case is made from the same type of rubber trim that is on aftermarket off-road truck parts and is very durable and shock-resistant.

        • 3.7V Li-Polymer Quick Charge Battery. Over-discharging, Over-charging battery protection. Intelligent on and auto shut-off feature. 

        • Input: Micro USB
        • Output: Dual Charge USB Ports (5V/1A  5V/2A)
        • Accessories: Micro USB charger cable.
        • Cycle lifetime: Minimum 500 recharge cycles.
        • Dimensions: 5.4" X 2.95" X .78" thick.
        • Battery capacity: 10,000mah 3.7V (37Wh)


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